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Alcohol to calorie ratio - Get Drunk Not Fat

So far, it's all been good and I've continued to lose weight while retaining the ability to get hammered alongside my peers.

HOWEVER, I've been researching which type(s) of alcohol are the lowest calorie or have the most favorable ration of alcohol. Which type alcohol is the healthiest for dieting or contains more alcohol and less calories?

By the way, I realize that alcohol itself consists of empty calories that get converted to acetate and not drinking at all would be more beneficial to weight loss, but as I stated earlier, I've still got a lot of drinking to do. Rootbeer, tequila and crystal light or Sprite Zero, and whiskey with diet rootbeer or diet lemonade.)

Red wine is your second best bet, especially since one tends to drink it a little slower than a mixed drink.

If it's to get drunk, just down a few shots of vodka and tequila (mixing makes you drunker, also gives a worse hangover though).

If it's to just appear to be having alot to drink while with others, then just put a tiny bit of vodka in a glass and fill the rest with diet soda/lemonade/coke, so you're having less than a shots-worth but look like you have alot...

1 gram of alcohol= 7 calories. Once you get to target drink very lightly if you choose to drink at all.

Each gram of actual alcohol has 7 calories.
No alcoholic drinks are calorie free, since alcohol itself contains a lot of calories. Stick with hard liquor, since it only has alcohol calories, wheras beer, wine and most cocktails have calories from carbohydrates and other stuff (creamy drinks have fat too). Use diet drinks as mixers and you are really only getting calories from alcohol. Because when you're mostly drinking these out of a cup you're about to flip, who really takes taste into account?

Beck's Light (64 cal, 3.8% alcohol, 140.4 cal/alcohol oz) - After we finished this breakdown, we started drinking Beck's Light. I don't know how the Germans did it but, to paraphrase one of the Shamwow Guy's non sequiturs, you know the Germans always make good products.

Milwaukee's Best Light (98 cal, 4.5% alcohol, 181.5 cal/alcohol oz) - You make a real statement when you show up at a party with a 12-pack of Beast Light. And that statement is: I stopped to buy beer at a Rite Aid that's going out of business.

Natural Light (95 cal, 4.2% alcohol, 188.5 cal/alcohol oz) - One of the first lists I ever wrote for this site was the 11 Best Crappy Domestic Beers. and that's saying something."

But who knew when you were drinking Bud Light's trashier cousin it was actually one of the more crafty ways to get drunk on a diet?

Miller Genuine Draft 64 (64 cal, 2.8% alcohol, 190.5 cal/alcohol oz) - It's tied with Beck's Light for the lowest calorie beer (at 64)... Unless you're pairing it with an equally tasteless food, like rice cakes or Domino's Pizza.

Miller Lite (96 cal, 4.2% alcohol, 190.5 cal/alcohol oz) - This has the exact same calories-per-ounce of alcohol breakdown as MGD 64, so we used carbs as a tiebreaker and it loses, with 3.2 to MGD 64's 2.4.

But hey, it destroyed Bud Light and Coors Light, neither of which even cracked this top 11. but never ask if they can have one.

Keystone Ice (142 cal, 5.9% alcohol, 200.6 cal/alcohol oz) - This is the first one on the list that's got big calories and big alcohol, making it more efficient than any of the others. not for any particular reason other than that ice beers conjure up an image in my mind of burly alcoholics in North Dakota or Minnesota.

That's me, drinking a Corona Light. I can just feel the pounds melting off.
Corona Light (109 cal, 4.5% alcohol, 201.9 cal/alcohol oz) - I really like Corona Light. Tecate is the worst -- it finished ranked 180th on our list, with 146 calories and only 4.6% alcohol.

Milwaukee's Best Ice (144 cal, 5.9% alcohol, 203.4 cal/alcohol oz) - The fact that there's a Beast Ice...

Because O'Doul's, at 70 calories and 0.4% alcohol, has 1,458.3 calories per ounce of alcohol.

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